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CamUniversal is a very complete camera recording tool
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CamUniversal is a very complete camera recording tool. It supports all types of cameras, including IP cameras, web cameras, TV tunners, etc. CamUniversal has a very simple and plain interface, but it also has lots and lots of features that make everyday video recording and streaming very easy.

The first step when using this app is to add a camera. The window from which you do this is separated in three tabs to help you choose the type of camera that you will be using. I tested it with my stock web camera, so I went to the second tab. CamUniversal detected and tested my cam almost automatically.

Once a camera is loaded, you can start playing with the application's advanced features. I noticed that CamUniversal has motion detection capabilities. You can tell it to detect motion in the entire screen or in a specific region. For each motion event, you can set an action. These range from running an app to recording video or uploading something to an FTP server or even e-mailing files.

You can access the streams from your video cameras on other computers using CamUniversal or you can use the HTTP server that comes built-in with this tool.

In my testing, the HTTP server was the only feature of the application that didn't work. By default, it was set to work on port 80, and it didn't work, so I changed the port a few times, but it still refused to connect. So I can't comment on its quality.

José Fernández
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  • Motion detection
  • It supports many types of cameras
  • OK interface
  • HTTP server


  • HTTP server didn't work
  • Not the most intuitive app of its kind
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